Should you get your hair permed?

Perms and curly hair

We’ll bet you’ve read the stories that perms are making a comeback! We asked Louise, our expert in perms in Warwick, to fill you in on everything you need to know. Louise offers body perms, which are perfect if your hair needs a little extra oomph, and spiral perms, which are the best option if…

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The Rule of Six for Curly Hair

Louise;s products for curls

You know those memes that ‘Great hair doesn’t happen by chance, it happens by appointment’. They missed the bit about appointment and an on point after care regime. We’re convinced that if you follow the rule of six, you’ll always have your hair in the best possible condition and looking fabulous. Our resident curls and…

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The Rule of Six for Creating Volume

Claires Rule of Six

We’re all becoming very familiar with the rule of 6 right now, but it’s something that the team have always been well-versed in. So, as you start return to the salon and begin to focus on your hair looking its beautiful best again, they’ve got some top tips on the super six that you’ll need.…

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Why Pastel Hair Could Be Your Perfect Pick-Me-Up

There’s no debating that these are strange times and for many of us they are also a little dull. So, what can you do to add a bit of excitement to your life right now? Some new outfits or updating your make-up are two ways, but the big thing we’ve noticed is people wanting to…

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