A Coronavirus Update from Adrian, Susie and the Team


We take our duty of care to both our team and our clients very seriously and, as such, we have put some special measures in place to do everything we can to minimise the risk of covid19 in our salon.

We’re also determined to make this the lovely relaxing haven away from virus chat, so we’re doing everything we can to pamper and give you a welcome break from the doom and gloom.

Your Client Journey

  • You will be offered hand sanitiser to clean your hands when you arrive at the salon
  • When you return to your work station after you have had your hair washed, you’ll be offered hand cream (because we all know how drying sanitiser can be!)
  • If you have long hair, your stylist may have a chat with you about styling options to keep your hair out of your face.
  • At the end of your appointment, we’ll recommend you use the sanitiser again.

Hair Management Special Measures

  • Team members have been advised to stay at home if they are unwell – and if in doubt dial 111.
  • Special emphasis has been placed on hand-washing and your stylist will be even more vigilant than usual in this respect.
  • Team members have been tasked with making sure everything is sparkly clean all surfaces and door handles are being cleaned on a regular basis.
  • Between clients, team members have been given a checklist that includes – wiping down the work station; cleaning the chair; cleaning the cutting collar; sanitising all equipment; even wiping the magazine covers.
  • Maintain a jolly environment. A trip to Hair Management should always be a treat that leaves you feeling relaxed, happy and confident and that feels more important than ever right now.

Advice for Styling Your Hair

  • Aim to keep your hair off your face and avoid touching your features or your hair.
  • Tie long hair back to stop it falling in your face. A ponytail can work, a plait or bun is better.
  • If you need advice about how to put your hair up, or an upstyle that will suit you, please ask your stylist.