The six must-have products to protect your haircolour

Sam's Top Products to Protect your hair colour

‘I love my colour when I leave the salon, but how do I make it last?’ our guests ask us that a lot.

Your Hair Management colourist will always talk you through this at your appointment, but to help you right now we asked Sam to share her super six products for maintaining your hair colour.

What she told us may surprise you: “The secret to making your hair colour last isn’t about what you put on the hair, it’s what you put in the hair.

“People always thinks that treatments are the way forward, but it’s what happens inside the hair so the right shampoo is the most important thing.”

So here are her must-have products for protecting your hair colour from within.

L’Anza Trauma Treatment is a real saviour because it keeps the colour vibrant for longer. It’s leave-in so pop it in and leave it. You’ll find it keeps your colour brighter for longer – especially on blondes.

LAnza Trauma Treatment

Less is more, though. You only need a pea size to work wonders for the condition of the hair.

Healing Colour Care Shampoo and Healing Colour Care Conditioner. These will maintain the vibrancy of your colour. I actually recommend using them a minimum of every other day.

But…. If your hair has had bleached highlights and is a bit brittle what you need is added protein rather than added moisture, so I’d recommend you use Protein Plus shampoo.  It is a lightweight and balanced wash that will help repair the structure of your hair.

Protein plus shampoo is lightweight and a balanced wash. Bleached highlights will strip of the protein and add the moisture.

Colour preserving shampoo

To help identify the best shampoo and conditioner for you, your stylist will do a stretch test on your hair. If it’s stretchy, it has been over-processed and needs more moisture; if it’s brittle it needs more protein.

My last go-to is one for all our lovely blonde guests. Paul Mitchell Platinum Blonde Shampoo. It’s amazing! It’s neutralises your colour; it’s easy to use and it doesn’t stain anywhere.

Paul Mitchell Platinum blonde shampoo

I recommend you use it once a week as part of your haircare routine (a #selfcareSunday anyone?) Leave it on for 10 minutes and then rinse it off.

The Platinum blonde shampoo works for all blondes and leaves it looking a bit brighter and fresher, like you have been sitting in the sun. Be realistic though. If you have yellow hair and want to get that brassiness out, it’s not going to do that, but it’s fantastic for bringing out the best in blonde hair, bleach highlights and grey hair. Actually, it’s absolutely THE BEST thing for giving a beautiful shine to more mature grey hair.

Now you’re ready to style your coloured hair. I believe that you can just use your favourite products for creating your style without worrying if they’re colour safe. There is one exception though: when you’re using heat styling tools, especially straightening irons, always use protection.

Lanza thermal defence spray

The L’Anza Healing Style Thermal Defense Spray will close the hair cuticles for a smooth and frizz free finish, while protecting the hair and your colour from any heat damage.

Sam’s Guide to How to Wash Your Hair Properly

The chances are that you are probably using too much shampoo and conditioner on your hair. If so, it’s weighing your hair down and you’re literally washing money down the sink.

Daily washing

For mid-length hair use one 10p piece sized blob of shampoo. Follow this with an even smaller amount of conditioner.

Alternative day washing

Use a 10p-sized amount of shampoo, then rinse and repeat using about a 20p-piece size. You will only need a 20p-piece sized amount of conditioner to close the cuticle for healthy hair.