Everything you need to know about bright and bold hair colour

Emily's Guide to bright and bold hair colour

Blue and violet hairSince the lockdowns, we’ve noticed a few more clients are ready to switch their blonde for bold or their brunette for blue or violet.

And we love seeing clients leaving our salon in Warwick with vivid bright hair colour.

Naturally, there was only one team member we wanted to ask about vibrant hair colours and how you can make them work for you: our resident chameleon, Emily.

Can anyone wear vibrant hair colours?

Yes, if you feel confident, you can absolutely wear vibrant hair colour!  Some people think it is just for younger people, but they are wrong. I’ve got some more mature clients who love that pop of colour.

For a while there was a bit of stigma that if you had a bright hair colour you weren’t a sensible person and businesses had it in their dress code that it wasn’t allowed. These days people are realising that your productivity isn’t affected by whether you have pink hair or black hair.

So, can you wear any bright colour then?

No! You’ll need to look at your skin tone. If you have a warm skin tone, blue or purple can make you look really pale, so you’d be better going for a pink or a copper.

Personally, I find that I have to wear more make up with some colours. And if you’re a lipstick wearer you need to be careful, a bright lip with vivid hair can create a clash.

What should I do if I want to go bright?

Come in for a consultation. A lot of the time people want to go bright blue or purple, but it’s not as simple as they thought. To get a lovely bright colour, there is a lot of bleaching involved.

Bleach? Even if I want to go a bright colour?

Bright colours are actually all about the base. If you coloured over a black piece of paper with a blue felt tip you don’t see it and your hair is the same.

The fashion colours sit on top of the hair cuticle and a little bit inside, which is why you have to get the base right.

Ok, bring on the bleach. Now what?

We’ll come up with a plan, which will probably be a full head bleach then a full head tint, but we could do a balayage and put the bright colour through the ends. It’s all about where you want the placement.

What bright hair colour would you recommend?

I love adding a pop of colour with balayage. If you’re going to have a vibrant colour it looks great, but it does fade quickly so a balayage is much easier to maintain.

I often have an all over colour, but these days I tend to wear a darker root and lighter and brighter through the mid-lengths and ends because that has more longevity.

Ok. I’m in. How much will vivid hair colour cost me?

It’s always price on consultation for bright hair colour because it will depend on the length of your hair, what you’ve had on it before and whether there is any colour correction involved, plus there is the time it takes to do the process.

To warn you bright hair isn’t a short appointment, I’ve had clients in the salon for up to four hours!

Is there anything else I need to know about dyeing my hair a vibrant colour

Yes! You may not be able to have your hair coloured in a vivid bright if it is not in good enough condition. So, if you’re hair is snapping, you’ll need to invest some time improving the condition of the hair first. That will involve Olaplex treatments and regular cuts.

Or you could be really brave and go for a big change all at once. Vibrant colours look great with a pixie cut!

How long will my bright colour last?

It really depends on how often you wash your hair and how well you look after it.

I always encourage my clients to have an Olaplex after bleach and you need to choose professional colour shampoo and conditioners to keep it vibrant.

When you’re rinsing your shampoo and conditioner, do a treatment mask once a week and try to use cool water because it closes the cuticle of the hair.

When it comes to styling your vibrant hair, make sure you always use a heat protector.

If you want to keep your colour really bright, you’ll need to come back in quite regularly, but the good news is that these fashion colours fade really nicely and you’ll usually be left with a really nice blonde.

Are you thinking bring on the bold? Book your consultation with Emily today be calling 01926 426675.