Five reasons you should get a fringe this Autumn/Winter

Meg fringe

The fringe is one of the hottest trends for hair this Autumn/Winter and we have to say we are loving it!

Meg recently went for the chop, she had a fringe cut in and it literally transformed her look and made her eyes pop.

She’s not the only one. Lots of our Hair Management clients are doing it too.

Here’s the lowdown if you’re thinking of jumping on the fringe trend.

Why should I have a fringe?

Have you been wearing your hair in a certain way for years and years without a refresh? Fringes are a great way to revamp your look without a complete transformation.

Here are five more reasons you should think about getting a fringe cut this autumn.

  • They’re the best way to keep your length, but still go for something completely different.
  • There is no better way to draw attention to your eyes
  • Do you have frown lines or wrinkles that are bothering you? There’s no easier way to hide them (we call it fringetox!)
  • You’ve got a long face and you’d like to create some balance
  • You want to be bang on trend. Have we mentioned that fringes are hot right now?

What sort of fringe should I have?

The great thing about fringes is that you can get one to suit any face shape and taste.

Short fringes – these tend to be a bit edgier and make a statement.
Rounded fringes – these are fab if you want to wear you hair super shiny they look great with a crop or a statement bob
Blunt fringes – because these have a very straight line, they’re brilliant for drawing attention to your eyes.
Heavy fringes – the ‘Claudia Winkleman’ look has become rather iconic and it’s certainly eye-catching, but a word of warning, the hair has to come from somewhere, so a heavy fringe could result in a lack of volume at the sides.
Long fringes – these are great for balancing out square jaws or for relaxed bo-ho looks.
Side fringes – these aren’t just for growing your fringe out! They can help to contour rounder faces and can give you plenty of options for how to style your hair.

I have curly hair. Can I wear a fringe?

It’s a myth that curly girls can’t wear fringes and the resurgence of the shag hair trend has actually made them a style staple.

Your Hair Management stylist will look at your curl pattern and the way your hair falls, as well as the look you’d like to achieve during the consultation at your appointment.

What’s the difference between a fringe and bangs?

Nothing! Bangs is just the name our friends across the pond give to fringes.  We’ve got no idea why either!

I’m not sure whether a fringe is for me. How can I tell?

Book in for a consultation and your Hair Management stylist will be able to let you know whether a fringe would suit you and what type would be best.

We’ve got some little tricks to try to show you how it might look too.

Who should I get to cut my fringe?

All of the Hair Management stylists are great with cutting fringes. It all comes down to them listening to you to find out what look you are going for.

How long does it take to grow a fringe out?

If you don’t like your fringe and want to grow it out, it’s not usually a quick process. It will depend on your hairstyle and how quickly your hair grows.

Many people opt for a side fringe or a centre part to grow it down and accessories can help too. As hair slides and hair bands have been a trend for a while now, it’s a great excuse to jump on the hair accessories trend.

How do you look after a fringe?

Your fringe will need frequent care and attention, but fear not, it’s not going to be an additional cost as we offer complimentary fringe trims, simply pop in and we’ll have your fringe just the way you like it in no time at all.