Good Hair How-Tos!


You’ve watched the YouTube tutorials, you’ve tried… and tried… and tried… it at home, but still you can’t quite master styling hair the way you really want it to look.

We get it. You’re not the only one.

We’re here to help you.

We’re inviting you to a 1-2-1 how-to session to help you master the look you just wish you could create at home.

Good Hair How-To sessions are FREE of charge for Hair Management clients or £5 (redeemable against products or appointment bookings) if you’re new to Hair Management.

What Hairstyling Will I Learn?

We’ve created 5 masterclasses to teach you the hairstyling skill you wish you could do better.

Plait’s the way to do it.
How to plait your child’s hair

Who for? Any parent (or grandparent) who doesn’t feel like their school gate hair-dos are quite up to scratch.
What to bring? You and your child (you can bring any long-haired model if you prefer). You can also bring any brushes or accessories you want to use.

Give it a curl
How to wave with with ghds or tongs*

Who for? Whether you got new irons for Christmas or have had them for a while and just can’t master the art of that elusive ghd curl, this is for you.
What to bring? Yourself! You can also bring your hairbrush.

*We use ghds at Hair Management, but you can use the styling technique you learn with the brand of straighteners you have at home too.

Pump up the volume
How to blow dry your hair with volume

Who for? Anyone with fine or flat hair, or anyone just wanting to add a little extra oomph to their look.
What to bring? You and your hair brush.

Smooth Operator
How to blow dry your hair smooth

Who for? This 1-2-1 session is perfect if you find it difficult to tame your thick, unruly hair or need some tips to minimise your frizz.
What to bring? You. Hairbrush optional.

It’s all about you!
How to master your own hairstyling issue.

Who for? Anyone who has a specific hairstyling quandary that they need an expert to help them overcome.
What to bring? You, and any accessories you want to try. Make sure you’ve given us as much information as possible in advance so we can be prepared.


Good Hair How-Tos are COMPLETELY FREE for Hair Management guests (we’d love it if you dropped us a review on Facebook or Google though!)

Not been to Hair Management before? Your 1-2-1 lesson is an absolute snip at £5. We’ll even give you your money back if you decide you want to book an appointment or purchase any products.


Just call the salon on 01926 426675 and we’ll get you booked in. Not all stylists or time slots are available.

NOTE: Due to Health and Safety, you cannot bring your electrical styling tools into the salon, but you can bring other styling equipment including hairbrushes and accessories.