Going grey? What now? Hair Management share their tips and tricks for mature hair

Let's Talk Greys...

Whether you’ve just noticed those first few strands of grey popping through (sparkles as we like to call them) or you’re becoming increasingly frustrated with a block of grey roots you’re covering every few weeks, now is a good time for you to consider a plan for making the best of this new phase.

We caught up with Named Stylist Sam, who has years of experience both transitioning clients hair to grey; and helping them to maintain an alternative shade. Her key piece of advice: “It’s a personal decision and there’s no right and wrong. You can cover your greys up or embrace them. I would advise against trying to stay dark though. Before you know it, you have a white parting and dark ends.”


Here’s the lowdown:


What happens when you go grey?

Hair has its own natural pigment and eventually that gets lost and the hair becomes white, although it may look grey because of the other shades in the hair.

No one knows why, and there is nothing you can do about it. If someone could come up with a pill, they’d make millions. 

The age that you go grey and the way it happens is largely down to genetics, so if your mum or dad went grey early the chances are you will too. 


Are there any rules or anything I need to know now that I’ve started to go grey?

There aren’t any rules, but if you are going grey quite quickly, I’d say the worst thing to do is to stay dark. The grey will come through thick and fast and it becomes so hard to maintain. 

If you have olive skin or a darker skin tone and you have only ever had dark hair, going grey or transitioning lighter is often a time to adapt your make-up and the clothing colours you wear. Many of my clients have found that they have to wear a bit more bronzer or darker tones to complement their new lighter shade.  


I have the odd strand of grey hair. What are the options for me?

Embrace them. The odd sparkle here or there can look really beautiful. You could opt for a toner to enhance them. Toners with a light base will only ever touch the light hairs, not the dark ones so if you have a red or golden hue it will almost look like you have highlights. 

We do offer toners here at Hair Management, prices starting from £35 and are bespoke to your requirements and desired look.

Toners are semi-permanent and will just fade out after 8 washes so you can think ‘I’d like to do that again’ rather than ‘I must do that again’.

Moroccanoil Brilliant Blonde

If you have lighter hair you might opt for a silver shampoo, but don’t get carried away with it or your white hairs can start to look a bit purple. Your HM stylist will be able to advise you on the best Purple Shampoo for your hair and how often you should use it.

We offer various purple shampoos and conditioners, but if I had to choose a favourite it would have to be the Moroccanoil Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo and Conditioner duo. They are super nourishing, detangling and actually help repair the hair from the inside out – as well creating amazing vibrancy.




I’ve started to get a block of re-growth a few weeks after I have it coloured. Help!

If you’re a brunette who’s noticing those white roots and dark ends, we’d encourage you start having highlights to take you lighter. 

We’d use your base colour and add fine pieces through the hair using a spatula so that the root stops being solid white. It starts with a T-Section and over time you have less pieces to create a beautiful blend. Some of my clients maintain this indefinitely, while other use this as a process to grow down their grey hair over time. 

Some salons might transition you to white in a day by lifting the ends with a gentle bleach bath until they are really light and then add a toner to it. That isn’t something we offer at Hair Management because it really will damage the quality of your hair and (even in an era of Olaplex) you’re likely to experience breakage. 

Blondes transition to more grey is a similar process, we’ll do it using spatula highlights and weave fine pieces through the hair. 



Now that my hair is starting to go grey do I need to change my haircare routine?

What a great question! It’s going to depend on the process you are having and if you are having your hair made lighter, we’d definitely recommend professional products. Your stylist may suggest an Olaplex treatment and that is all about keeping your hair healthy. 

It’s also going to depend on the texture of your grey hair. For some people it can be a bit more coarse than their hair was before, for other it can be quite soft and almost fluffy in texture. 

If it’s quite coarse you will need more moisture in your haircare, while soft white hair is going to need a change of products because it can seem like your hair has gone limp and flat. We would recommend our volume specific ranges of haircare – Paul Mitchell, L’Anza and Moroccanoil offer amazing products that can really inject some life into your hair!

We’ll discuss this with you at your consultation, so please don’t be afraid to ask your stylist all the questions that are bothering you. 


I’m ready to embrace my grey hair. How long is it likely to take?

Like we’ve said, it is a bit of a journey, but how long it takes will depend on the length of your hair and how fast it grows. Clients with short hair can transition in two to three appointments, but if your hair is longer it is going to take much longer.

We often find that people become attached to the way their hair looks at a stage in the journey and decide to maintain that.

The end result may not be where you thought it would be when you started to transition to grey!


Any other advice about going grey for me?

If you’re going to go grey, just embrace it! It won’t be a quick journey, but we’re here to help you and make it work for you at every stage. 

It’s a good idea to plan ahead and start your grey journey when you’re heading away or have just come back from a holiday and have a bit more colour in your face. 




Not sure where to start? Book in a consultation with one of our grey hair experts in Warwick. 

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