Hair colour


It may not be very British to stand up and shout about being good at something, but we are really proud of what a talented team of hair colourists we have and they deserve for you to know about it! 

They pride themselves on being up to date with the latest hair colour trends and colour techniques and are committed to ensuring your colour complements your hair cut for the perfect finish.

As colour specialists of course they love to be creative and work with bold and beautiful shades, but some of their very finest work is very natural looking to enhance their clients’ natural look.

We work with Neal & Wolf hair colour, premium colour that is full of natural ingredients. The high density of the colour gives you unrivalled coverage and longevity.

Colour costs range from £42.00 to £129.00 for traditional services including tints, hi-lights and glossing, while creative colour may be a little more. Prices are based on the time of application and the level of education and demand for the colourist.

We are a safety-first salon and you will be required to undergo a skin test 48 hours before your first colour appointment.

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A popular choice with celebrities and our clients alike, balayage is hand painting the hair to create seamless fades between different tones.

Balayage is low maintenance hair colour that can last for as long as 12 weeks between appointments.

Our colourists can use similar tones for a sun-kissed natural look or contrasting colours, vivid brights or pastel tones for a more dramatic finish. The same look can be done using Rapture hair extensions. The perfect choice if you want to experiment with your hair colour without compromising your natural hair.

Balayage Price: £103 - £115

Permanent Tints and Glossing

Whether you are looking to hide grey hairs, want to enhance your natural hair colour or crave a change of shade, there is a hair colour solution to suit you at Hair Management, Warwick.

Our semi-permanent glosses and permanent colour changes are perfect for global colour (also known as block colour). We only work with premium hair colour houses and use products that maintain the health and integrity of your hair, leaving it in the best possible condition with a high shine. 

Full head: £68.00 - £82.00
Root Retouch: £54 - £65.00


From blondes with a green tinge, to over-processed hair, uneven application and too much warmth we see a lot of new clients who come in with hair colour woes.

Colour correction can take time to reach your desired result, but in professional hands you will can feel confident that we will work with you to create a healthier-looking more even look from the first appointment.

Colour Correction prices: On consultation

OLAPLEX treatment

Clients have been known to tell us that Olaplex is life changing and we have to agree – that’s why we were so excited to bring Olaplex to Warwick.

It’s a revolutionary new service that restores the health of your tresses, which means you’ll have stronger, healthier hair and longer lasting colour.

Olaplex upgrade: £12 with any other salon colour service
Stand alone Olaplex service for coloured hair: £25


For your safety, we insist on carrying out a skin test at least 48 hours before your first technical service. The test only takes a couple of minutes and is, of course, complimentary.