Hair extensions


At Hair Management, our technicians are brilliant at completely transforming clients’ hair using natural human hair extensions.

We work with Rapture because the 100% human remy hair looks and feels just like your own hair. These very clever tape-in extensions do not damage your hair and only take one hour to apply.

Many people think that hair extensions are just for the super long hair that you see on Instagram, but our extensionists often work their magic on clients who are in need of a little extra volume or clients who would like to change their colour, but can’t for any reason.

The extensions are durable, soft and silky and come in a large selection of colours to create the hairstyle you thought you could only dream of. After about 8 weeks they can be removed and reapplied making it a much more affordable option than you might expect.

Your extensions service starts with a thorough consultation. We’ll discuss the look you are hoping to achieve, your suitability for hair extension, how long your service will take and the how much your extensions will cost.

Price: On Consultation

Balayage and brights

Have you ever wanted to experiment with your hair colour but not sure if you want to commit to colouring your natural hair? Hair extensions could be your answer! 

Our colourists can blend your hair with natural tones and lighter pieces to create the perfect blended balayage. Or we can offer bolder hues in vivid brights or pastel tones for a more dramatic finish.

We have a variety of shades to suit all tastes, hair types and desired looks. 

extensions for length

We know that waiting for your hair to grow can sometimes feel like a lifetime! Hair extensions are the perfect solution for adding instant inches  without waiting for your natural hair to grow. 

Whether you want extra long flowing locks or just a little added length, hair extensions can help you achieve your dream hair in minutes. We work with Rapture because the 100% human remy hair looks and feels just like your own hair. 

extensions for Volume

If you have thin or fine hair, extensions can work wonders by providing extra volume. They make your hair appear thicker and fuller, giving you that voluminous look you desire. 

Our stylists can fit and cut your extensions to your natural hair length and style, or you can opt for longer length extensions. Rapture extensions are not applied at the root of your hair, so they do not pull or cause tension on the scalp and they still allow your natural hair to keep growing!

BRIDAL HAIR extensions 

No need to wait to achieve your bridal hair goals - invest in extensions and make your wedding day dreams come true.

Rapture extensions allow you to enhance your wedding day look with added length, volume, or creating your dream hair colour. Whether you envision cascading curls, a chic updo, or glamorous waves, hair extensions offer endless styling possibilities.

Our expert team are here to make your hair look truly magical on your big day.