Hair Colour Disaster? We’re here to help…

fixing hair colour

Are you in need of colour correction in Warwick? Are you having a hair colour disaster and in need of some expert help? Our friendly team at Hair Management in Warwick is here to help – with a heap of expertise and a zero judgement policy! 


Our Hair Management’s colour expert, Louise, has seen it all when it comes to hair colour gone wrong.

‘’We see many of our clients walk in the door with home hair dye that’s gone wrong, over-toning to a violet hue that can’t be fixed, patchy tones, hair that’s gone too dark with box dye, and hair that has gone green. It’s not just at home either, sometimes we have clients come through the door that have been unhappy with their hair colour at another hair salon,’’ says Louise. 

This really is where you need the colour experts to step in, what you think may help at home could only make things worse. For us, our goal is to prioritise the health and condition of the hair.


So you’ve had a hair disaster? Help! What’s next… 

Colour Correction at Hair Management in Warwick all starts with a thorough consultation – and when we say ‘thorough’ we mean THOROUGH! At this stage we need to understand your hair and what has caused it to be in its current state.  

‘‘Every head of hair is like a canvas and a successful colour correction starts with a thorough colour consultation,’’ Louise explains. ‘‘We discuss your hair history, goals and assess the current condition of your hair.’’

You’ll also need to be really honest with us, whether it was a box dye, henna, something you read about on the internet or just something you had at a salon that you didn’t know what it was, please tell us. 


Next: The Strand Test

A strand test is a crucial part of colour correction, because we need to understand how your hair will react to the colour and help ensure we achieve the desired result without compromising the integrity of your hair. 

‘This helps determine the processing time and the exact mix of colours needed for a flawless correction. This is particularly important if you have really dark hair,’ explains Louise. 


Now it’s time to correct your hair colour…

Colour correction is a complex process that involves understanding the principles of the hair colour wheel and how different shades interact with one another. We know we’re getting technical so bear with us here! Think of it like an artist that carefully selects their colour palette to create a masterpiece, our skilled colour experts at Hair Management utilise the hair colour wheel to achieve the desired results.

So, how exactly does the hair colour wheel come into play when correcting colour disasters? Let’s break this down:

  • 1) Understanding Complementary Colours To Remove Unwanted Hair Colour
    In the world of hair colour, complementary colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel. For example, if you’ve ended up with brassy tones after bleaching your hair, your colourist may recommend using a toner with purple undertones to neutralise the yellow and achieve a more balanced shade.
  • 2) Balance Warm and Cool Tones
    Hair colour disasters often result from an imbalance of warm and cool tones. Our expert colourists can carefully analyse your current hair colour and condition to identify this. By strategically applying the right toners and colour shades, we can neutralise unwanted undertones and create a more even colour. Sounds complicated right? It kind of is, which is why we urge you to speak to a colour professional! 
  • 3) Don’t Add Colour on Top of Colour 
    We know it can be tempting to apply more hair colour on top of a hair colour disaster but you could be making the issue worse. Layering colour on top can result in uneven, patchy hair colour. It also adds a build up of pigment to the hair shaft that can cause the hair to become oversaturated and damaged. It’s always best to speak with a colour expert who can determine the underlying pigment of your hair to create the intended result. 
  • 4) The Dangers of Lifting
    Lifting hair is quite a skill! Many hair colour disasters are the result of hair being badly lifted. It can be over-processed which will lead to damaged hair or hair not being lifted enough which creates unwanted, often warmer tones. It’s important to use a good quality bleach at a professional salon to reach the required lift your hair needs – but making sure you protect the hair integrity.


The Olaplex Finish
At Hair Management, the health of your hair is the top priority. While we aim for stunning results, we never compromise on the health of your hair. An Olaplex treatment is included in the price of your colour correction, this is a bond-building treatment which strengthens the hair.  

We will always use the best products, tailored to your hair, and we will recommend some treatments to use at home too.


The last word…

Louise says, ‘Trust your stylist and be patient. Achieving the perfect colour takes time and expertise. We’re here to guide you through the process and ensure your hair looks and feels its best. That may not happen in just one appointment but you can be confident you’re in safe hands.”


Wise words from our hair colour hero…  

So if your hair is in need of a colour correction rescue, please call us on 01926 426675 and book your consultation today.