Everything you need to know about hair treatments in Warwick


Wouldn’t it be great to have soft (but strong) easy-to-manage hair? A lucky few are fortunate enough to be born with it. For most of us it takes a little more work!

And even the most manageable mane needs a little help sometimes when the elements set-in and it can become frizzy, crispy of damaged.

That’s why hair treatments are a hair hero that everyone should turn to from time to time. And we offer some of the best hair treatments in Warwick.

Hair Treatments work by injecting your hair with exactly what it needs; hydration, protein or a little reconstructive surgery to repair the bonds.

When do you need a hair treatment?

A hair treatment can be a pick-me-up when your hair is feeling dry, if you’re suffering from severe split ends or hair breakage, if it just feels a bit brittle or if you want it to look shiny and healthy.

There are certain times of year when you need a hair treatment the most, though. These are usually after you’ve had extreme exposure to the elements. We always recommend one post summer holidays, and when your hair has been left frazzled by the winter combination of cold, rain, wind and air con’.

If you’re a regular user of lots of heat appliances, especially straightening irons, you should probably think about booking a hair treatment at every other hair appointment – or even more frequently.

What happens when you have a hair treatment at Hair Management?

Like any service at our hair salon in Warwick, your appointment begins with a consultation to discuss your concerns and what results you’d like to achieve.

After your hair has been expertly shampooed at the backwash, followed by a relaxing head massage, your stylist will apply the treatment that is best suited to your hair, this will depend on the condition of your hair, whether your has been coloured and what service you are having next.

You’ll be left to relax while your treatment words its magic. You can follow up with a cut, colour or even extensions, or simply a blow dry.

Our favourite hair treatments in Warwick

Trauma Treatment
Loved by Louise

This is a L’Anza hero product that does exactly what it says on the pack! We’ve been using it since day 1 and cannot imagine not having it to resuscitate hair that is really struggling.

Unlike some treatments it can be left in. Louise (and her guests) absolutely loves the way the hair feels after it has been applied.

Loved by Meg

Has a hair product ever created as much stir as Olaplex? As soon as we heard about it, we had to be the salon with Olaplex in Warwick, because it actually rebuilds your hair.

Meg explains ” I love Olaplex because it makes the hair stronger and healthier. Every time you colour or use heat on your hair it breaks down its internal bonds and Olaplex rebuilds those bonds”


Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Mask
Loved by Katie

We love all the Moroccanoil products at Hair Management, Warwick, but the hydrating mask is really something special.

Katie uses it for guests who have very dry hair and she’s confident your hair will feel amazing after a single treatment, after 2 your hair can look and feel stronger and softer.

How much does a hair treatment cost?

To upgrade your colour service with an Olaplex treatment costs £12. We really do recommend this if your hair is not in the best of condition. For seriously damaged or over-processed hair, we’ll recommend a course of Olaplex treatments before your hair is ready to be coloured.

A stand-alone Olaplex treatment, which will give you stronger,  healthier hair and longer-lasting colour is £25.

L’Anza and Moroccanoil hair treatments are charged at £15 and is a really lovely treat to leave your hair looking and feeling well cared for.

Do I need a hair treatment?

A hair treatment will never do you any harm (even if you already have healthy-looking hair), but it can make a huge difference if your hair is dry or damaged.

Your stylist will only mention a hair treatment to you if they really believe you could benefit from it. However, a hair treatment will never do you any harm but it can make a huge difference if your hair is dry or damaged.

Want to book a hair treatment in Warwick? You’ve come to the right place. Simply Book Online or call 01926 426675.