Hair Treatments

The best Kept Secret for Hair that looks & feels healthier than ever!

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We believe that every visit to the salon should be an indulgent experience. That's why we offer a treatment menu that not only caters to your haircare needs, but also adds a touch of luxury to your appointment at Hair Management in Warwick.

Is your scalp in need of a detox? Want to inject some volume into your hair? Do you wish your blonde was a little brighter? From enhancing your cut and colour to making your hair more manageable, smoother, and healthier, we have treatments to suit every hair type and budget.

You will be guaranteed to leave the salon with your hair looking and feeling fabulous.

olaplex five step system

We’re super proud to be an Olaplex salon in Warwick. Olaplex is a little miracle elixir that can transform dried or damaged hair by restoring the bonds in your hair to make it stronger and healthier. 

Our Olaplex Five step system treatment uses the famous OLAPLEX range-Step one, Step two, followed by OLAPLEX shampoo,  conditioner, and then OLAPLEX volumising blow dry mist to finish.

Benefits: It’s a perfect transformative treatment if your hair has been over-processed. For best results, we recommend several treatments to see the full benefits.

Price: £25
Duration: 30mins (must book in advance)

Scalp detox

Every day your hair is getting infused with pollution and product build-up which can irritate the scalp and make the hair look dull and flat. That’s why looking after your scalp is just as important as your hair.

Our Scalp Detox treatment uses the Paul Mitchell's Tea Tree range- Foaming salt scrub, Kombucha Rinse, Tea Tree hair and scalp treatment, followed by Tea Tree conditioner.

Benefits: This invigorating scalp cleanser removes build up and helps with dry scalp. Leaves your scalp feeling fresh and clean- just like a facial for your scalp!

Price: £15
Duration: 15mins (no need to pre-book)

five-minute treatments

Who says luxury has to break the bank? Our 5-minute treatments are designed to give your locks the love they deserve without taking up lots of time or budget. For just £5, indulge in a quick yet effective treatment that will leave your hair feeling rejuvenated and revitalized. No need to book, just mention to your stylist during your appointment.

Choose from our selection of options, including:

This treatment uses the Moroccanoil range- Blonde Perfecting Purple Shampoo, left on for 5 minutes for an intense result, followed by Blonde Perfecting Purple Conditioner.
Benefits: This is brilliant at neutralising gold tones and warmth in blonde and grey hair. Eliminate any brassy tones and refresh your blonde for a brighter look.

Our volumising treatment uses the L'Anza Healing Volume Shampoo, massaged in and left for 5minutes to maximise the benefits followed by the Healing Volume Conditioner.
Benefits: The ideal treatment if you want to encourage more volume in your hair, particularly fine or thinning hair.

This includes the L'Anza Healing Moisture Tamanu Cream Shampoo, Trauma treatment and Healing Moisture Kukui Nut Conditioner.
Benefits: If your hair is in need of some serious TLC this is the treatment you need! This Instantly heals, repairs, detangles and protects the hair, as well as providing intense hydration.

This treatment uses Paul Mitchell products- shampoo three, shampoo two, followed by the Super-charged treatment.
Benefits: This treatment removes any build up and leaves your hair feeling super- clean with added shine.
Additional benefit: It is great for neutralising gold tones.

All treatments:
Price: £5
Duration: 5mins (no need to pre-book)