How to protect your hair from sun damage

Holiday photo

You wouldn’t dream of going out in the sun without protecting your skin, would you? Yet funnily enough we find lots of our clients don’t even think about protecting their hair when they step outside in the blistering heat.

Yet, just like your skin, the sun can cause lasting damage to the hair. While you may be rather fond of the sun-kissed effect, you won’t be quite as crazy for the damage to the cuticle, split ends and frizziness that too much sun exposure can cause. Then there is the long-term discolouration of the hair, which is super frustrating if you’ve just invested in beautiful professional hair colour.

But protecting your hair from the sun is just as simple as looking after your skin. Just follow these three steps.

  • Cover up
    Yes, it’s your crowning glory and gorgeous hair deserves to be shown off, but save that for the evenings. During the day cover up with a wide-brimmed sun hat or a headscarf.
  • Avoid additional heat
    The last thing your hair needs is a double-dose of heat, so leave your heat stylers (and ideally your hairdryer) at home and let your hair dry naturally. Invest in a salt spray then embrace your curls or any unexpected texture by working a beachy lived-in look. Add a statement clip to bring it right up to date for summer 2019.
  • Use the right products and hair treatment
    Luckily for you, we’ve got just the thing. And with a suncare option to suit every taste and every budget we have the perfect solution to keep your hair looking healthy and lustrous all summer long.
    Moroccan Oil Treatment: We 💙 this. It has UV protection, a cuticle moisturiser and it enhances shine. Best of all it can be used with any other products of your choice . It’s simply the best for the sun!
    L’Anza Trauma Treatment: Rinse out or leave-in treatments that have UVA and UVB sun protection. These summer holiday gems, replace lost moisture and amino acids and reduces colour fade. In fact L’Anza are confident the fade reduction will save you one colour appointment every year.
    Olaplex: This has been the game-changer when it comes to protecting and preserving the hair because Olaplex actually reverses the damage. Olaplex have recently added a shampoo and conditioner to the range so if you pack those and the Hair Perfecter in your suitcase, you’ll have everything your hair needs.

Pop into our hair salon in Warwick to pick up your holiday essentials. If you’re not sure which option would be best suited to protecting your hair in the sun have a chat with your Hair Management stylist.

Happy Holidays! 🏖️