How to transition your hair to grey


From Sharon Osborne’s dramatic transition to Jane Fonda making a silver statement at the Oscars, celebville has finally realised the beauty of going for a more natural finish.

That’s got to be good news for us mere mortals who can cross one more thing of the pursuit for eternal youth.

But what do you need to think about if you’re ready to adopt a more natural hue?

Don’t do it in one hit!

When Mrs O transformed from red to grey overnight, we had a big talk about its significance in a salon team meeting and we agreed that we had a duty to our clients to advise you that is never a good idea to try to fastrack your transition to grey. It would take hours in the salon chair, cost a fortune and, even with the miracle-worker that is Olaplex, it would take its toll on your hair.

Plan your journey

Rosie recently transformed her client Julie from a dyed dark brown to her natural grey. It was a 10-month journey, but the results were softer, more natural looking and healthier.

  • Phase one: At first, Julie had to visit every three weeks to get her roots done. This was done by weaving a few pieces of the darker colour through it.
  • Phase two: When those broken up roots reached about 4 inches, it was time for us to start to lighten the ends and break-up the colour even more.
  • Phase three: As soon as the ends were light enough she start to add an ash toner to blend in with the roots.
  • Phase four: By now, Julie was having no colour on her roots and just having the ends lightened and toned.

Use the right products

When you’re making this transition, the integrity of your hair needs to be your top priority. Olaplex is absolutely essential as is the right homecare range to keep it natural. We thoroughly recommend the L’Anza Healing Colour Range.

Maintenance still matters

Some people love their natural grey hair, for others it needs a little help to look te way they want it too. Even when you get to your ‘end result’ you will probably want to have your hair toned for a beautiful finish.