How to wash your hair like a pro

How to shampoo your hair like a pro

Isn’t it weird how there are somethings we’re never actually taught to do properly? Like washing our hair. You probably just picked it up from how your mum did it when you were a kid.

But if you’re one of those people who wonders why your hair never looks quite as good as it does in the salon, it could be as simple as starting at the very beginning and learning how to wash your hair like a pro.

Pre Shampoo:
Gently brush your hair through to remove any tangles. We love a “Moroccan Oil Paddle Brush”

  1. Rinse hair well to dampen thoroughly and to start to release any build up of styling products as most luxury brands are water soluble.
  2. Put no more than a ten pence amount of shampoo into the palm of your hand, rub both hands together and the product will expand. Now apply as evenly as possible to your hair not forgetting to work through from the scalp to the mid lengths and ends.
  3. Now massage your scalp using the tips of your fingers to cover the whole area. (Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee this will be as relaxing as
    when a professional does it!😆 )
  4. Rinse the shampoo out and if you wash your hair every 1 to 2 days , one shampoo should be enough.
  5. Towel blot hair – THIS BIT IS VERY IMPORTANT ! Never rub your hair with the towel as this can do a lot of damage by roughing the hair cuticle and causing breakage.
  6. Condition/ Treatment
    As with the shampoo, distribute a maximum of a ten pence amount into your hands, rub hands together, expand the product. This
    time apply with your fingers gently work through the lengths and ends, unless it`s an actual scalp treatment then you follow the recommended procedure.
    Try to leave the conditioner on for a minimum of 5 minutes .
    Rinse very thoroughly

Once you’ve washed and conditioned your hair like a pro, you’ll need to towel blot it and comb it through before using the best styling products for your hair type (your stylist is always happy to advise you on this).