Is your body in need of some skinade?


Skinade™ is a phenomenal anti-ageing drink. Working from the inside out it:
■  rebuilds and strengthens the collagen matrix below the skin’s surface
■  boosts natural levels of hydration
■  reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
■  increases skin suppleness
■  gives healthier looking hair and nails
Developed by leading UK scientists, and manufactured in the UK, the formulation contains high-grade collagen and essential micronutrients. Each bottle contains 700g of high-grade collagen sourced from freshwater fish. With fewer than 35 calories it’s a pleasant taste and a convenient addition to your daily skincare regime.


Skinade™ increases collagen in your bloodstream in two ways. Each bottle gives you a daily dose of 700g hydrolysed marine collagen plus it triggers the body’s own collagen production by firing up the fibroblasts, our own collagen factories. Increasing collagen in the bloodstream also increases the body’s production of hyaluronic acid, responsible for optimising skin hydration.
Drinking Skinade™ on a daily basis results in firmer, more even toned, hydrated, radiant, youthful and healthier looking skin. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles and repairs connective tissue, so you’ll also benefit from stronger, healthier and faster-growing hair and nails.

Why a drink? If you were to try to take the Skinade™ ingredients in tablet form, you would need to swallow around twenty large tablets daily. Not only is this difficult, but the body also finds them tough to digest and absorb so the valuable nutrients would pass through your system unused.

For best anti–ageing results we suggest a 90-day course.