Should you get your hair permed?

Perms and curly hair

We’ll bet you’ve read the stories that perms are making a comeback! We asked Louise, our expert in perms in Warwick, to fill you in on everything you need to know.

Louise offers body perms, which are perfect if your hair needs a little extra oomph, and spiral perms, which are the best option if you want gorgeous corkscrew curls.

Can everyone have a perm?

No! Perms aren’t for everyone. A lot depends on the condition of your hair. Perms + bleach are a big a no no!

Before your perm you’ll always need strand test. In many cases, guests are unable to proceed with the treatment as it just wouldn’t take on their hair.

How tight will my curls be?

That depends on your hair type and the look that you want to achieve. Within reason, a spiral perm can create curls that are as tight as you want them to be.

Will I get the beachy waves I see on Instagram?

Spiral perms generally give you a tighter curl, so if beachy waves is the look you’re going for, you’re much better having your hair styled with ghds or styling wands by one of our styling experts. They’ll be able to advise you on how to style it too.

How long will it take?

Perms aren’t a quick fix solution. A spiral perm will take about four hours in the chair, which includes setting the curls, adding the neutraliser, then cutting and styling it once the perm has taken.

How long will my perm last?

Rather like permanent hair colour, perms grow out, so it depends on how quickly your hair grows and the way it grows out.

People with spiral perms only tend to need one a year, because they love the way it grows out with the soft curls through the ends.

What is the maintenance after you’ve had a perm?

Perms do alter the condition of your hair, so the main thing is to look after it with plenty of hydration.

When I do perms at Hair Management, I always use some Olaplex treatment to preserve the condition of the hair and leave it in the best possible position. A perm will dry your hair out, so maintenance is all about condition. Check out my ‘Rule of Six for Curl Power’ for more advice on this.

How much will it cost?

Our body perms start at £75 or £121 for a spiral perm.

I want one! What now?

If you’d like to book a perm in our Warwick hair salon, you’ll need to book in for a consultation and a strand test. Call the salon on 01926 426675 or email to find out more.  I can’t wait to give you some curl power!