Use protection! Your hair needs it…

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Summer so far has been an absolute scorcher and while we’re enjoying the warm, lighter evenings and the added dose of Vitamin D, we’re not enjoying the lasting damage it can cause to our hair. Just like your skin, our hair needs protection against the UV rays and without it, the effects can be pretty brutal.

We’re talking damaged hair cuticles, split ends, frizziness and colour fade. Eeesh. But fear not, there are clever summer haircare buys that remedy all of the above and will keep your hair looking healthy and lustrous all summer long.

Luckily, the HM team have come to the rescue and put together the summer survival products you won’t want to be without…


  • L’Anza Trauma Treatment.

This is the ultimate colour protector (and a real favourite at the salon). It’s a super-rich, deep conditioning treatment that heals damaged hair and protects your hair colour.  Plus, it has UV and heat protection and makes hair super strong and super shiny. Basically, it’s everything your hair needs this summer.

Sophie says, ‘It is great as a treatment to either leave in or wash out. Personally, I leave it in after I’ve washed my hair to maximise the benefits. It makes my hair feel sleeker and less frizzy, and is helping me to get my hair back to top condition after years of over-bleaching.’


  • Moroccanoil Treatment

We love this. It has UV protection, a cuticle moisturiser and it enhances shine. Best of all it can be used with any other products of your choice. It’s simply the best for the sun!

Louise says, ‘It’s great for all hair types, helps to keep the hair healthy and gives the most AMAZING shine. This is your hair’s summer staple! ’


  • L’Anza Healing Colour Care Trauma Treatment Restorative Conditioner

Hair can become very dry and brittle after a day out in the sun and could really benefit from an injection of moisture after washing. This colour enhancing conditioner gets to the root of hair damage and reduces breakage without weighing hair down.

Leanne says, ‘It’s a great intense rich conditioner perfect for long hair, I can never usually get a brush through my hair after washing but this conditioner has changed everything. It is super moisturising and has a gorgeous summer scent.’


  • L’Anza Dry Texture Spray

With summer heat comes summer sweat, and the perspiration can really get to your hair making it look heavy and greasy. This lightweight texture spray helps eliminate frizz and flyaways, detangles and injects texture and volume – without that added shine that often comes with hair sprays.

Claire says, ‘It gives instant body and fullness without feeling like a hairspray, adding dry texture to short or long hair. This is my go-to summer styling product!’


  • Moroccanoil Hydrating Hair Mask

Ideally, we’d recommended using a hair mask once a week to help keep your hair in the best condition during the summer months. The Hydrating Hair Mask can help reverse signs of damage, increase elasticity and it contains all the goodness your hair needs to repair.

Katie says, ‘It’s great after being in the sun or pool all day as it restores moisture into the hair and gives a lovely shine. It’s only a five-minute hair mask so it’s quick and easy to apply but gives great results after using it.’


Pop into the salon to pick up all your summer hair essentials. If you’re not sure which option is best for you, just ask one of the team who will be happy to help.