When Did you Last Change Your Hair? – 5 Reasons The Time is Now


As we bask in the last lovely throes of summer, it’s hard to believe that autumn is just around the corner. It is.

The kids are back at school and you’ll soon be picking up the essentials to update your wardrobe and your make-up for autumn and winter.

But will it just be ‘the usual’ for your hair? Really?

What is it about sticking in the comfort zone with that tried and tested hairstyle, while you think nothing of mixing up the rest of your look? At Hair Management we believe this is a brilliant time for a makeover because:

1) The sun is going to have played with the colour (whether it is natural or dyed) and it’s likely to need some TLC. Plus those ends are probably a little dry and in need of a good cut and a spot of hydration.

2) The LOB is everywhere right now. It’s on trend, it’s versatile and it can be tailored to suit you.

3) Your lovely healthy glow is going to be fading in the coming weeks and that’s going to mean your sun-kissed colour might not suite you quite as well as a seasonal upgrade.

4) It’ll put a spring in your step. There’s nothing like a new ‘do to turn heads and make you feel good about yourself.

5) You’re changing all the time, whether it’s a few pounds on or off, a new job, a change in outlook. Your Hair Management stylist can help you to find the right look to reflect those changes.