Why Pastel Hair Could Be Your Perfect Pick-Me-Up

Pastel makeover

There’s no debating that these are strange times and for many of us they are also a little dull. So, what can you do to add a bit of excitement to your life right now?

Some new outfits or updating your make-up are two ways, but the big thing we’ve noticed is people wanting to switch up their hair colour.

One of our favourite recent colour makeovers was Leanne’s client Julie who came in debating pastel hair to add a little oomph to her blonde and left with a pretty shade of pink.

Pastel hair has been growing in popularity over the last few years. It’s subtle, but eye-catching and adds a pretty softness that gets you noticed. Here’s what you need to know if you’d like to go pastel:

Does pastel hair work for everyone?

No. Pastel shades can only be added over white blonde hair. So if that’s not you, you’ll need to have your hair pre-lightened first. This is unlikely to happen in a single appointment so your hair stylist can take you on a bit of a colour journey.

Will it damage my hair?

We create pastel shades by using a semi-permanent La Biosthetique colour that is kind to your hair. If your hair isn’t in good enough condition for this, we’ll work with you first to improve the integrity of your hair, which usually involves a cut and some Olaplex treatments. If you don’t know about Olaplex, now is the time to discover it, it is literally a miracle worker that can restore the health of your hair.

Which pastel hair colour should I go for?

From lilac to peach and rose gold to baby blue there are endless pastel hair colours to choose from. So choosing the right shade for you is going to depend on a few things: your taste, what you fancy, your current hair colour and skin tone. Baby pink worked brilliantly for Julie because it really suited her skin tone and added warmth.

How long will it take to have my hair dyed a pastel shade?

If your current hair isn’t a very light base, you’re going to have to go on a bit of a journey to have your hair pre-lightened first. Once you have a light enough base it will take your stylist about 20 minutes to apply your fashion colour (they may recommend a treatment too, which will increase the appointment time).

How long will my pink hair last?

Pastel hair shades are semi-permanent and they will fade with shampoo, sunlight and environmental factors, but with the right homecare you can extend the life of your colour. Leanne recommends using colouring preserving shampoo and conditioner in the L’Anza Healing Colour Care range. For longer lasting results add a little Trauma Treatment to your shampoo and conditioner.

What next?

If you’re considering pastel hair – or any colour makeover – the Hair Management team are expertly-trained in all the latest trends and techniques. They’re often complimented on their ability to see what will work best for you and bringing it about with precision.

If you’re contemplating a fashion pastel shade, Leanne’s got some short and sweet advice for you: GO FOR IT!

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