How to get the best out of your hair in the winter

Cold weather

We’ll bet you’re well on top of your summer haircare and know just what it takes to reduce colour fade and how to avoid your locks from frazzling in the heat.

But did you know that the winter months can be just as much of a challenge for your hair?

There’s the winter sunlight that we all forget protect ourselves against (that goes for your hair as well as the skin!), and the rain (frizzy, much?), not to mention the woolly hats, but the biggest challenge is the contrasting temperatures it’s exposed to.

The cold outside, combined with the central heating inside can easily add up to dull, dehydrated hair if you don’t give it a little TLC it needs.

So we’ve got the team together to share the must-have products they recommend in these cold winter months.

Moroccan Oil Treatment

“Everyone loves this oil. Put it on your hair before you style it, but carry it in your handbag and you can reapply it during the day to reduce frizz and static.”

L’Anza Healing Moisture Range

“Hydration is just as important now as in the summer, so it’s no wonder the L’Anza Healing Moisture Range Shampoo and Conditioner are our best sellers. If you’re hair is coloured go for the colour care range though. It promises to reduce the number of appointments you need one per year.”


“We truly believe this is a modern miracle. It’s great for stopping sun damage and combatting win damage. If you are going skiing this winter, you need Olaplex in your suitcase. We’ve just got the new Bond Maintenance Shampoo and Conditioner in. You’re going to love them as much as we do.”


“The more mature members of our team – and maybe some of you – remember when stylers could frazzle the hair a little. Not the new ghd heat sensitive technology. It has three heat sensors in the blade so there are no cold spots. Some people think that a cooler iron will be more gentle on the hair. Not so. With ghd stylers you only have to glide through the hair once and it is flat. That said, always practice safe styling and use a heat protector (see below).”

Moroccan Oil Hydration Mask

This isn’t one for every day, but give your hair a treat every week to 10 days with this concentrated mask. It’s a real hydration hit that will leave your hair in tip top condition. This is your post-ski holiday must have.

L’Anza Thermal Defence

“Spray this beauty on damp hair and blowdry it in or spray into the sections and run the iron through it. Once it’s on its on, giving your hair all the protection it needs to withstand the elements.”

Not sure what the winning combination for your hair is? Our team are always here to advise on her products or pop in and have a chat with our experienced front of house team. Call 01926 426675 for a free consultation.