Your life-line between hair colour appoinments


Are your roots showing and it’s still a week or two until you can get to Hair Management? Holiday perhaps? Life too busy?

We have the answer.

Color Wow has arrived in Warwick. It’s your at-home solution to unsightly roots, fading, brassiness and more. It comes in a compact – like make-up – and you simply apply with the mini brush to your roots. It covers up those embarrassing roots until you next wash your hair.

It’s temporary and won’t permanently damage or colour your hair. But it does hide those unsightly roots until your Hair Management stylist can work their magic.

Colour Wow is ideal when a you want to look your best for an evening but your appointment is next week. Or when you’re away for two or three weeks and notice the roots starting to show. Emergency care for coloured hair. Our clients love it and you will too.